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DuPont Planetarium

DuPont Planetarium | Aiken, SC

Aiken SC - SC Dupont Planetarium

There are so many ways to have a good time in Aiken, but one of the arguably lesser known adventures can be found at DuPont Planetarium, on the USC Campus in downtown. All ages are awed by observing planets, stars and nebulae up-close from a darkened room. It’s a little otherworldly, and has been for eons.

Although most of us can’t navigate by the stars as early humans did, the sky still holds ultimate fascination as we look up and wonder, “What’s out there?” Now, you can find out.

The DuPont Planetarium inspires visitors to explore the majesty of the heavens. There are public shows covering everything from “Ancient Sky Lore,” to “Blown Away: Wild World of Weather.” Public programs also include a “Solar System Adventure Tour,” “Mission to Mars,” and “To the Moon and Beyond.” It’s not stuffy in the least, with live presenters explaining the stunning images, and music setting the stage and enveloping you into the story.

WOW Factor: Some of the programs are particularly intriguing, including the “Voyager Encounters,” where you can view amazing images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Another program incorporates the fictional tale of young Carol and her dad as they experience the exciting adventures of the Apollo astronauts on the moon. And in “Worlds in Motion,” learn how fast the earth moves through space – pretty awe-inspiring.

Hint: The DuPont Planetarium is located at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center (RPSEC), located on the campus of University of South Carolina Aiken. Weather permitting, the RPSEC housing the Bechtel Telescope will be open for viewing after each public show. Visitors ages four and older may attend the shows, and should arrive at least 20 minutes before showtime.

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