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Little River Blueway Outdoor Adventure Area

Little River Blueway Outdoor Adventure Area | McCormick, SC

McCormick SC - Water Trails

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Happy Trails to You

Let’s see. Fifty-one miles of water trails over 22 paddling sections. A 50-mile scenic drive through small rural towns and the Sumter National Forest. Sixty-three thousand acres of public land. Two state parks, three USACE parks, four golf courses and 136 miles of hiking and biking trails.

It’s an astonishing conglomeration of recreation opportunities. For this Carolina Adventure, let’s consider the 51 miles of water trails. It’s a paddler’s paradise, for sure, and even if you’re the sedentary type, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors without undue exertion.

Why not plan to spend the night and enjoy two days of fun? There are five campgrounds within the Little River Blueway, as well as Hickory Knob State Resort Park and Fannie Kates Country Inn.

WOW factor: Land and Wildlife Abundance/Conservation – Remarkably, the Little River Blueway offers 63,000 contiguous acres of preserved public land (mainly Sumter National Forest land). Waterways and paddling routes are buffered by USACE and National Forest land, allowing visitors to be completely immersed in nature. Wildlife in this area is abundant with bald eagles, blue herons, white egrets, beavers, river otters, deer, raccoons, red fox and bobcats commonly spotted throughout the Little River Blueway land and water trails.

Hint: Nothing beats an early morning sunrise paddle on the Blueway. Visit the Website and Little River Blueway on Facebook for water flow that may update the northern sections of the water trails. The Website also offers free downloads of all regional trails maps, including an overall Little River Blueway project map. Carry a GPS unit and cell phone, wear a whistle and avoid all-cotton clothing. Adventure area maps are available at the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce and Savannah Lakes Village Visitors Center. For more information:

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