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Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons | Simpsonsville SC

Hot Air Ballons

Photo credit: Ashley Fetner |

Hot air balloon rides are beautiful, gentle adventures. There’s something to be said for a bird’s eye view, and safely ensconced within these gentle giants, the ride is exhilarating, and at the same time, quite calming up there above the madding crowds.

Gentlemen propose to their lady loves mid-flight, while families and friends take celebratory rides together. Anniversaries are commemorated, and sometimes dares are accepted and embraced.

If you’ve ever come upon a balloon festival, the sight is truly breathtaking, as the huge, colorful orbs rise to meet the sky. The Carolinas offer perfect surroundings for a hot air balloon ride – and lists a number of North Carolina balloon operations guaranteed to give you a good time.

In Anderson, SC, Skyscapes of America offers balloon rides year round. Their experienced pilots keep you happy in the air with vistas as far as the eye can see.

OK, perhaps you’re attached to Mother Earth and don’t want to leave her. You can still enjoy the thrill of ballooning at one of the Carolinas’ three balloon festivals.

  • Freedom Weekend Aloft – in May, at Heritage Park, Simpsonville, SC
  • Balloons over Anderson – in October, in Anderson, SC
  • Carolina Balloon Fest – in October, in Statesville, NC

At all three events, balloons are the star attractions, but there’s plenty going on, with food, beverages, entertainment and more.

WOW Factor: Let’s face it, these vessels are quite beautiful, and very romantic for those seeking a memorable way to pop the question, say “I’m sorry” or enjoy a get-together. The festivals are pure fun, in the air or in your lawn chair. And for those who’ve included a hot air balloon ride in their bucket list, these are friendly towns to visit for after hours.

Hint: You’ll want your camera or video, for sure, but don’t spend so much time recording that you miss the event. A bottle of water is a good idea as well. Long pants and tennis shoes are advisable, and layers are always a good idea. Tethered balloon rides are offered for those who prefer to stay attached. Balloon rides generally run about $200 per person; children are less. In Anderson, the balloon is aloft about an hour, but the entire event takes about three hours.

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Photo courtesy: Ashley Fetner

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