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Christian Thee

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Christian Thee – artist, theatre set designer, magician, children’s book author and illustrator. The Columbia, South Carolina native and University of South Carolina graduate is a remarkable talent and leading light of the arts and culture scene in the state capital.

Although he caught a bit of the acting and set design bug at Town Theatre during his teen years, it was in New York that he honed his talents as a stage designer and scenic artist. At Columbia University, he studied with Lester Polakov and later, was hired as assistant to the legendary stage designer Jo Mielziner. His experience there included work on more than 27 Broadway shows, including Carousel, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, and A Streetcar Named Desire, as well as working as lead designer for the New York Metropolitan Opera.

During his career, he developed an extraordinary love of magic, and from there, evolved into a superb magician as well as a remarkable trompe l’oeil artist. For Christian Thee, Seeing is not necessarily Believing.

His client list includes names like Donald Trump and David Koch, Joan Rivers, and the United Kingdom’s Prince Andrew. His work is displayed in countless homes and offices. Today, he maintains a lovely lakeside home in Columbia. In the Carolinas he may be best known for his design of the poster for the premiere Spoleto Festival USA, held in Charleston in 1977 and annually since then.

His remarkable art is often enhanced by three-dimensional embellishments and his work has been the subject of many articles. He’s also a published author. His critically-acclaimed children’s book, [Behind the Curtain,] introduces young readers to the magic of theater, and is available on Amazon.

As his biography states, “Christian Thee continues to paint, innovate, invent and entertain at his lakeside home in Columbia, South Carolina. His home features marvelous paintings, trompe l’oeil designs, and a working studio that astound thousands of visitors every year.”

For those who love magic, he, with other magicians, hosts "Dark Cabaret" events - by appointment only.

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