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“Reactionary Expressionist”



Abstract Core Series, oil on canvas, #0172013

A native of Newark, New Jersey, Jim Victor was influenced by his Italian immigrant grandparents as well as neighbors and family that were part of his childhood. Intrigued by work from the great masters such as Cezanne and Michelangelo, he visited museums in Europe while stationed there, serving in the U.S. Army. Eventually, he and his wife, Holly, found their way to Charleston, SC, where he lives and works today.

creatives-jim-victor“The Abstract Core work evolved out of the lack of challenge that I usually have while I am painting. The excitement of my previous work was dissipating. Not to say that I no longer liked my earlier work. It was exciting at the time, but it just became too predictable. When that occurred, I started experimenting and the outcome was the Abstract Core. There is a relationship that develops between me and the canvas. There is no music, no outside interference, just the two of us working and creating together. There is that excitement and anxiety which occurs while creating the unknown and the unrecognizable. At my age I’m fortunate to still have access to those feelings!

I feel when a person looks at abstract art, it becomes a physical and emotional experience. I recommend the best way to view an abstract painting is to ‘look at what feelings it provokes in you.’ The entire body of work is signed only on the back, so the viewer is not distracted. Also, each painting is untitled, giving the viewer freedom to have their own experience.

In the beginning it’s me and the canvas; in the end it’s the viewer and the canvas."