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Creatives - Pine Needles Basket

Pine Needle Basket
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Artist Nancy Basket learned about pine needle basketry from a friend in 1981. Her skills grew and she sought out knowledge from those who understood the art and science of basketry.

Originally from Yakima, Washington, she moved to Illinois, helping to form basketry guilds, teaching at national conventions and always perfecting her own creative expertise.

In 1989, she moved to South Carolina to be closer to the long leaf pines and collect her own needles for her baskets. She also wanted to be closer to the Cherokee reservation to learn the stories her own grandmother never knew. (She learned, then taught her own children about their culture. Now, she is also a storyteller who shares the rich Cherokee culture with many others.)

Creatives - Kudzu Lamp Shade

Kudzu Lamp Shade
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Nancy was juried into the SC Arts Commission as an artist in education. She began to use split kudzu vines for baskets as well as the pine needles and other plant species. Her creations now include paper, kudzu and pine needle baskets, kudzu lampshades and sculptures.

A contemporary basket maker and fiber artist, Nancy takes her name from the work she does, as well as from her Cherokee grandmother. She is an artist-in-education in basketry, papermaking and storytelling in South Carolina.