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Annie Evelyn - Furniture

Photo Credit : Chad Whitaker

Look at her furniture and you think it will be hard as a rock. Sit down and you think you’re in heaven. Some folks call these “squishy chairs” but there’s nothing squishy about the design aesthetic that brought Annie Evelyn to a three-year artist residency at Penland School of Crafts, in Penland, North Carolina. She’s been on the cover of [American Craft Magazine] and been featured in dozens of publications – national and international. Avant Garde blogs tout her skills. Exhibitions in New York, Italy, New Orleans and China, among many others, have welcomed her work.

Ms. Evelyn started with furniture DNA. Before she was born, her grandparents owned a furniture company called Old Colony Furniture. From childhood, she appreciated fine furniture and the craftsmanship that accompanies it. She received her BFA and MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and began “upholstering” with concrete during her graduate school years.

Annie Evelyn

Annie Evelyn
Photo Credit : Mercedes Jelinek

A variety of furniture grants and residences fed her creative juices and she developed techniques to "upholster" with other hard materials like wood, metal, and glass, creating soft, giving seats from a variety of hard materials. Her company name? New Colony Furniture, of course. She has taught in a variety of locations including Parsons and her Alma Mater. Her work has been published in Laura Housely's book, [The Independent Design Guide: Innovative Products from the New Generation.]

One of these beauties in your home may start as a conversation piece, but quickly turns into the coveted seat of honor for family and friends.