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Carolina Shuckers - Oyster Knives

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Put these babies on your wish list. Michael Waller and Kurt Davis have been friends forever. They graduated from East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC, and worked in various arts (always metal), until they met up at an oyster roast in 2010. Both had forged personal oyster knives. Everyone loved the super cool, efficient implements. A business was born.

Fast-forward to a thriving enterprise. Their knives and other products are sold through their website, retail outlets in the Carolinas and beyond, and at a variety of outdoor shows.

The two have partnered with Vivian Howard, star of the award-winning A Chef’s Life for special knives, and North Carolina’s Our State magazine featured an oyster knife for their holiday offerings.

Seldom does a utilitarian object become a work of art. In the South, where brides-to-be often put oyster knives on their bridal registries, these beauties will be treasured gifts.