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Robert Sadlemire - Metalworking

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Robert Sadlemire was once told by an art teacher that he should try metalworking class instead. It was a serendipitous stroke of genius. Today, working from Myrtle Beach, SC, the artist specializes in metal engineering solutions for commercial and home markets.

I’ve seen his work in a neighbor’s home and all I could do was simply stare and babble something about how perfectly beautiful it was. When I delved into a bit of research, I found even more gorgeous designs and applications on his website.

Twenty-five years of experience has produced amazing art forms in a variety of metals. Finished pieces include luxury staircases, artistic hand rails and railings, ornamental entrance gates and unique monumental sculptures.

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This renowned artist, builder, sculptor and metal fabricator has been honored and featured in a variety of prestigious publications. Here is how he describes his work:
Sadlemire Metal Custom Designs and Installations