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Ben Owens - Blue Pots

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He didn’t have a chance to do anything else. First, his forefathers arrived in North Carolina from England in the late 1700s to furnish storage jars for early settlers. Ben’s grandfather, master potter Ben Owen, Sr., admired early oriental pottery he saw and translated it into his own style. Ben lll studied pottery with his grandfather, visiting the studio after school beginning when he was eight. He practiced, learned and fell in love with the art. How could he not?

He continued his studies at East Carolina University and his knowledge deepened through travels around the U.S. and abroad to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and more recently, China.

Ben Owens - Red Pots

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Today, his family is the fourth generation to live in the Owen home, located next door to the museum the Owens opened to showcase the traditions and transitions of pottery in their family history. On display are pots from four generations, plus the ancient Chinese pots resembling the ones Ben Owen, Sr. studied in the 1920s and 1930s.

His work is superb, and his glazes are simply breathtaking. The clay used is stoneware, earthenware and porcelain. Some is dug from the family farm. Visit the website, and plan to visit his studio and the museum. And take your credit card. You’ll want to bring one of these magnificent creations home.