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Stephen Kishel - Marsh

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Born in Muncie, Indiana, and the son of teachers with a penchant for spending summers on a remote island in Western Ontario, young Stephen grew up with the distinct juxtaposition of living life between a mid-western university city and a log cabin without electricity. In his words, he “learned to love nature and solitude in Ontario, and appreciate the knowledge and learning in Indiana."

Taught about a variety of art by his art teacher father, he fell in love with welded metal sculptures.

Fast-forward to 1973 and his marriage to Gloria Ann. He studied electronics at Ohio Institute of Technology and worked in the family plastics business. But, sculpting was still a primary passion. In 2002, the family moved to Bluffton, seven miles from Hilton Head Island – rural, but not remote. They live and work on an acre of wooded land and love the salt marsh and the nearby May River.

Stephen Kishel

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He's created several hundred pieces, ranging from table-top to outdoor, larger-than-life works. He does commissions and favorite pieces are in galleries as well.

His advice is sound. “Doing what you love for a living is possible; it is not only possible, it is the right thing to do. Everyone is, by nature, gifted with a unique ability. Find your gift, and then pursue it.”

Visit his site, enjoy, and picture one of these beauties adorning your home or yard.