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Barbara Fisher - Scarves

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She’s a painter with work in private and public collections throughout the United States. The New York City native was educated in Colorado and California, and lived on the West Coast for years before ending up in Asheville, NC, in 1998.

In recent years, she’s taken inspiration from her paintings and created magnificent hand-crafted silk scarves. Images are manipulated digitally to form mirror-image patterns, which are printed onto silk and backed with solid colored silk habotai. The scarves measure 10”x60” and are named for various women in her family.

We were intrigued, not only by the graceful designs and richness of the look, but also because there is a story behind each woman. We don’t know them all – some are mentioned only by name – but all hold a place in her family tree. Avanel (1886-1966) is my personal favorite and I would love to know more about her. Her photo looks adorable, and just a bit impish. I’m sure she’d wear her namesake with style and flair.

Barbara Fisher - Portrait

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From Barbara Fisher: “Avanel was a great woman! Her husband died at age 42, leaving Avanel at 38 with three young boys. My father was the oldest of her three sons. She never remarried, went to work in a factory and eventually became a bookkeeper. All three boys served in WWII.” |