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Sarah Sanders - Woodworking

Edisto Treasure Box
The Edisto Treasure Box -- a beautiful copper and brown moulding topped with the SC state reptile, the endangered sea turtle.
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It started by foraging in her best friend’s frame shop trash. Now, Sarah Sanders creates exquisite treasure boxes from crown moulding, both old and new.

Today, Goat Island Treasure Boxes are sought-after gifts, found throughout Charleston and in a number of other locations in South Carolina, including the State Capitol Gift Shop in Columbia. (If you happen to live in Delaware, you can buy one of these beauties at Partners in Design, in Dover.)

Ms. Sanders is a retired teacher and coach who started woodworking as a relaxing hobby.

The flaws and imperfections in the wood and finish add to their beauty and authenticity and each box is signed by the artist, who transports her work from Goat Island* (near the Isle of Palms, S.C.) across the intracoastal waterway by boat.

And the boxes are not only beautiful, but practical. In fact, The Post and Courier newspaper out of Charleston has called them one of the top ten gifts that say “Charleston.” Quite an accomplishment for an artist who began this entire adventure as a way to relax.

Don’t live in SC or Delaware? No problem. She sells her boxes online, at

*Goat Island is a tiny spit of land located between Mount Pleasant and Isles of Palms, near Charleston, SC. Accessible only by water, a few hardy families call it home (and also call it paradise).