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The Carolinas offer a magical as-you-like-it way to live.

It’s why so many lifestyle cultures flourish here. South Carolina relocation and North Carolina relocation research finds a little bit of everything – often together – building a rich palette of adventure and activity. Love the mountains and foothills? Ours are the oldest on earth – and some say the most alluring.

Attracted by oceanfront views? Our wide, sandy beaches always appear on best-of lists. And then there’s the heartlands, where everything is accessible in a couple of hours, and big cities offer world-class arts and entertainment. This site grows daily with new information, so check back regularly to learn more about your Carolinas lifestyle.

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Your inside track on finding what feeds your lifestyle soul begins here. Check out our light-hearted look at southern traditions, then get down to business.

In addition to the mountains-to-sea options all newcomers (and oldtimers) mention, you’ve got golf. Discover our ratings, money-saving tips, best courses and bucket list favorites. Or what about our noble steeds? The equestrian culture has a long, distinguished tradition – and the world has taken notice. Choose horse-friendly communities where you can ride whenever the impulse strikes, or simply enjoy being around these beauties.

And then there’s pedestrian power – walkable communities, trails, and the great Carolina outdoors. Marry location and amenities by choosing a country club lifestyle, resort living, or choosing to live riverside or lakeside. We’ve got adrenalin-pumping sports, too.

Choose the wide-open spaces, farmlands and estates where you can garden year round. Hint: You will be amazed at what grows here. Or choose a pied-à-terre in the urban forest, where gastropubs and French bistros are near tonight’s theater tickets, or college game.

Have a wander, then stop by our real estate hub, with features on condominium living, buying land, and much more.