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checkmark-carolinalivingHere at, we are truly in the lead generation business, delivering a stream of the highest quality Carolina tourism, relocation and retirement prospects.

We know our national audience motivations and understand how to inspire them, because that’s what we’ve been doing – with measurable results – since 1986 – launched online in January 1995.

Over the years we have adapted with the drastically changing times, in both technology and through economic cycles and relocation trends.  What started as simply a printed GUIDE is today a robust business model, expanded to harness a comprehensive website, eNewsletters, social media and lists.  These components are integrated, each promoting the other.  All with the overriding objective to best serve our readers and site visitors while generating a stream of qualified leads for our advertising partners.

Each branch of the brand encourages readers to “register” by answering the 26-question Carolina Lifestyle Surveytm (and are thus rewarded with a free copy of the current GUIDE). They share demo/psychographic information like travel dates, planned home purchase price, income (the average HHI is $112,450) and email – all characteristics that are run through a Boolean Lead Formula specific to the advertiser targets and shared through weekly lead batches.

Only, which has built great credibility for providing savvy consumers with the best in travel and real estate information, could collect this very personal data.  These frequent Carolina vacationers – called “Turbo-Tourists” – are motivated to relocate, buy second homes (27%) and start businesses (14%). 

What further sets us apart from competitors?  Fresh Lifestyle Content – and lots of it.  We immerse readers in the Carolina lifestyle, allowing them to taste the salty ocean breezes of the Atlantic coast, hike to that most inspiring waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and host the perfect lakeside family dinner in the Heartlands ... all before even stepping a foot inside these two great states. 

We invite you to harness our marketing tools targeting these “Turbo-Tourists” and continue this journey with us.  On average every week we see 60-80 “registrations,” and National Change of Address (NCOA) Audits document that systems are moving at least 1,400 families/year to the Carolinas. (Those are just the families we can track!)

Contact co-founder Patrick Mason for details on how to get your share: or 803.782.7466.