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Thanks for reviewing our lead generation online marketing tools, designed to annually carry your invitation to 250,000 people interested in visiting and investing in the Carolinas in the next 12 months.

Why do expert brand managers find the lead generation tools unique?

Multimedia + Frequency = Measurable Results

  1. Awash in relentless competition, they know it takes frequency and a cadence of targeted Web, mail and email to capture brand attention, generate traffic and create customers.
  2. The 15 million readers and 130,000 families who have “registered” since 1986, trust the brand.
  3. Measured results delivered in the form of fresh leads, clicks and new incremental business.


Web:  250,000 Annual Browsers    

Launched in 1995, is the largest (450+ pages) original content site serving “Turbo-Tourist” visiting families with relocation on their mind.   Now responsive to ALL mobile devices.



GUIDE:  250,000 Annual Readers     

Sanctioned by both North Carolina and South Carolina’s tourism agencies, the GUIDE is published twice a year.  It’s distributed to a national “on request” audience, plus bookstores, newsstands and visitor centers.  About 1,500 families register annually to receive the GUIDE by completing the 26-question Carolina Lifestyle Survey™. 



COMPASS eNews:  25,000 Readers   2X/Month 

An in-the-know, timely invitation to visit and explore the best Carolina destinations, attractions and communities.  { Learn more: COMPASS eNews latest editions}



Best Value Package Deals

For a custom proposal, get us your budget and goals for reach, impressions, click-thrus and leads. We will craft a best value offer for your consideration ... loaded with bonus value-add components.






Contact Co-Founder Patrick Mason for details: or 803.782.7466.