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Banner Programs & Rates



Banner-Click Lead Generation Opportunities


Get your banner invitation messages presented amidst insightful original content and mobile friendly, eye-catching design dramatically showcasing towns, visitor experiences, lifestyle advantages and residential communities.   

Audience Attributes
Show up for the 250,000 visitors forecasted in the next 12 months. All have responsive characteristics actively seeking visitor, lifestyle, real estate and entrepreneurial information.
➡ 77% have attended college
➡ average household income $118,134
➡ 61% offer planned travel dates
➡ 25% reside in the Carolinas
➡ 12% plan to move/start businesses.
➡ 18% are repeat site visitors

Lead Generation
Beyond brand-view impressions and banner-clicks, you get a fresh weekly stream of prospect inquiries that include accurate snail & email addresses. Leads are target-generated based on data gleaned from the 26-question, Carolina Lifestyle Survey™ to match your product/destination audience. All responding prospects have received an email and the GUIDE by USPS.



Banner Rates & Benefits*

Packages are value-priced based on tracking page views, click-thrus & leads generated since 1995.  Banner placement strategy is to maximize your clicks. Lead counts are served perpetually via password protected access.

Home Page  $2,000/qtr.
Includes banner on Home Page. Plus rotating banners on all 16 Portals and 350+ Article Landing pages.

Portal Pages (NavBar Landing Pages)  $1,500/qtr.
Includes banner rotation on 12 Portals and their corresponding Article pages (minimum 200 Pages).

Article Pages + Premium  $1,000/qtr.
Banners will appear on Article pages within 8 Portals. Plus, a Premium banner on a pertinent available Article Page.

Article Pages  $500 /qtr.
Banners will appear on Article pages within 8 Portals (minimum 100 Pages).



Premium Banners – A La Carte

For when you need high impact

IAB Banners | Location | Net Cost per month*

Leaderboard or Skyscraper | Home Page | $500

Medium Rectangle | Home Page | $300

Leaderboard | Portal Pages | $400

Leaderboard or Skyscraper | Article Pages | $300


IAB Banner Specifications

Three Required Banners for ALL programs
Medium Rectangle = 300 x 250
Rectangle = 180 x 150
Mobile = 216 x 36

Optional Premium Banners
Leaderboard = 728 x 90
Skyscraper = 160 x 600

➡ Design banners as static, 72 dpi, gif, png, or jpg.

➡ Only accepting Click-Tag Tracking Links.

➡ Email banners 14 days prior to launch date to Ann Dolin:


To Get Started

Authorize the Marketing Services Contract including:

➡ FEDEX address to get your POI (point of interest) marker on Google Maps.
➡ Banner link URL.
➡ Start and end dates.


Banner Design Tips

➡ Be mindful that banners on a “responsive” site dynamically resize to fit all mobile devices. While being creative, it’s important to minimize “call-to-click” copy.
➡ Boost click-thrus, by creating multiple banners with different headlines.
➡ Be sure to include a location town.
➡ Use fascinating images!
➡ Lead with strong headline at top! Place logo bottom right!
➡ Avoid “violating” a beautiful photo with copy reversed over it.



➡ For custom proposals with value-add bonuses:
Patrick Mason, 803.782.7466

  *  Minimum $1,000 investment required for all online programs.