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The Power of Advertising in a Travel, Relocation & Retirement GUIDE

A Perfect Pair: The CarolinaLiving GUIDE and Site go hand in hand. Together they create a fully comprehensive resource directing constant traffic back and forth.

Yes, it’s true that lifestyle and news publications (daily, weekly or monthly) with low emphasis on delivering “measurable results” have lost favor!  However, comprehensive guides like CarolinaLiving have deep reach and long lives. Beyond very long shelf life, it is actually used, filed, passed-on and re-used as a resource.

The GUIDE is printed twice a year and distributed via newsstands, is sanctioned as “on request” at all 20 Official Carolina Interstate Welcome Centers, and at 200 Chambers, visitor centers, libraries and relocation depots across both Carolinas.

Annualized GUIDE - Circulation & Distribution Data

The GUIDE was launched in 1986; the Website in January 1995. Two updated editions of 25,000 copies each are printed in April and October for a total of 50,000*.

“On Request” Distribution Channels**:                                      Copies

All Official NC/SC Interstate Welcome Centers                           26,000

Carolina Chamber & Visitor Information Centers                         13,500

Carolina Lifestyle Survey™ Responder Fulfillment Mailings         4,000

Administrative Usage                                                                       1,000

PAID Distribution:

Retail Newsstand and Bookstore Sales                                           5,000

Subscriptions                                                                                       500

Total Annual Circulation                                                                50,000

* Year-round, 4,200 copies a month on average will be requested or purchased. Using a reasonable pass-on reader factor of five people assures your message will reach approximately 250,000 readers with interest in visiting and investing in the Carolinas.

** “On request” means that readers have gone out of their way to “request” a copy of the GUIDE.

Note: Approximately 4,000 readers and Web browsers a year will  “register” their interest as they inquire by completing the 26-question Carolina Lifestyle Survey™. These responders are carefully screened by a Boolean formula to match the target profile of each advertised offer.