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Minted Watermelon Lemonade

Family-friendly or adults only


Recipe courtesy Chef Scott Hall, Bone-In Barbeque

Photo Credit Forrest Clonts


Serves 10-12, depending on the size of your glass and if tequila is added.


Approximately 10-20 lemons
1 pint white sugar
1 bunch fresh mint leaves
1 half medium-sized, round seedless watermelon
2.5 pints of water
Optional: tequila of your choice


Squeeze enough lemon halves to produce 1 pint of juice.

Reserve the halved and juiced lemons and place in a sauce pot with 1 pint of water, the sugar and the mint leaves.

Bring the syrup to a simmer while stirring to dissolve. Allow the mint lemon syrup to simmer for 15 minutes.

Let the syrup cool to room temperature. Strain out the lemon halves & mint leaves.

Cut away the watermelon rind, and cut the flesh into cubes (roughly one-inch squared).

Liquify the watermelon cubes in a blender and strain the juice into a pitcher.

Add the strained syrup, lemon juice and remaining 1.5 pints of water to the watermelon juice.

Stir, chill and serve. (Tequila is optional, but it makes a great cocktail!)


The Restaurant: Bone-In Barbeque is the first restaurant to open in Columbia, South Carolina’s Bull Street District, serving barbeque and Southern eclectic cuisine alongside a full bar serving up beer, wine and Prohibition-era cocktails. Below is a recipe for a seasonal creation by Owner and Chef Scott Hall that is featured as a special summer cocktail.

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