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Rebel Yellow Cocktail

1 serving


Pucker Up! Bring out your inner Rebel this summer with one colorful cocktail.

1 ounces Striped Pig Vodka from Charleston, SC
1 ounce Limoncello
3 each Basil leaves
1 each Lemon peel
1 splash Lemon juice
4 pinches Anise Sugar

To garnish:
Anise Sugar, for rum of Mason Jar see recipe below
1 splash Ginger Ale

Anise Sugar Ingredients & Procedure:
Food coloring Red, Blue and yellow
1 cup Sugar
.25 cup Star Anise, ground
.25 cup Fennel, ground, toasted
Mix red, blue and yellow food colorings together using extra yellow to create a blackish green. Add to sugar, ground star anise and toasted ground fennel and combine well. Spread out on a sheet and dry overnight.


Make your cocktail worthy of each sip this summer with a refreshing blend of lemons and anise found in the “Rebel Yellow” drink at Lana Restaurant in Charleston, SC. With a nod to the Holy City’s design elements with a strong focus on one particular accent, the rebel yellow hue, which is blended with black to give that unique dark-green paint “Charleston Green” that you can find on the shutters of grand homes along Murray Boulevard. This ever-present city trademark gave inspiration to the homemade, hand-shaken cocktail.

Served in a Black Sugar-rimmed glass that is laced with Anise to give a slight licorice tinge to your taste buds, the drink balances just a touch of a dark undertone with the bright, juicy lemon concoction of Striped Pig Vodka, one of South Carolina’s finest artisanal spirits, and the sweet touch of Limoncello. Lemons are one of executive chef John Ondo's summer passions for all things Italian that you can find sweeping across his Mediterranean menu.

This gutsy fruit mimics Ondo's wacky haired rebellious persona to permeate this smooth tasting gem in a glass with a bite of tart citrus. “Rebel Yellow” is packed with a punch that keeps your cheeks tweaking in every sip.

Editor’s Note: We’re betting that a virgin version of this made with lemonade would also be quite tasty.


Recipe: John Ondo, Chef / Owner, Lana Restaurant & Bar – Charleston, SC

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