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Breakfast - Quail Eggs Benedict


1 package Naan bread, cut into rounds with a two-inch cookie cutter
Butter for spreading 
Pancetta, thinly sliced and skillet fried*
Spinach leaves
Hollandaise Sauce**
Quail eggs


Cut bread slices and spread with a touch of soft butter.

Top with a spinach leaf.

Fry Pancetta until crisp and place on top of spinach, one per appetizer.

Spoon a dollop of Hollandaise sauce on top of pancetta.

Fry quail eggs in a pat of butter, sunny side up (they fry in a minute or so) and carefully slip onto the Hollandaise sauce.

Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and serve.

Enjoy in one bite – they can be messy.

*No pancetta? No problem. Crumble bacon, or buy pre-cooked crumbled bacon and sprinkle on the bread.

** Make your favorite Hollandaise Sauce. The best I’ve ever tasted comes from Charleston Receipts cookbook, published in 1950 and a favorite wedding gift to brides of a certain age and available in bookstores. If you’re celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday, try her very French version which is undoubtedly scrumptious. Or branch out. The Internet is filled with Hollandaise Sauce recipes.


Adapted from traditional Eggs Benedict by Katherine O. Pettit

Can’t find quail eggs in your area? That’s a shame because they’re divine, but in a pinch, fry small eggs, sunny side up and cut off most of the white of the egg.

I have never had any leftovers when preparing this recipe, so buy enough eggs to make your significant other happy the next day with more of these tasty morsels.