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Southern Caramel Cake




About Charlie’s L’etoile Verte

Charlie’s “Green Star” is an island institution that remains a favorite. It’s the only restaurant on HHI that writes its entire menu daily. They offer an epicurean dinner menu which includes up to 14 fresh fish, plus rack of lamb, filet mignon, and others. The wine list matches the food. Which shall it be? The Oregon Pinot Noir, or a lovely Bordeaux?

For more than 25 years, Charlie's L'etoile Verte has remained family owned and operated – and that's a good thing!


Servings: The cake mix box says 10, but it varies according to thickness of slices


For the Cake:
1 box of your favorite yellow cake mix

For the Icing:
1 stick of butter
½ box brown sugar
¼ cup of milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
½ box 4X powdered sugar



Prepare your favorite yellow cake from scratch or from a box. Two 8-9 inch round cakes are most suitable. You can make this a day ahead of time allow ample time for the cakes to completely cool. Once the cakes have set and cooled all the way, use a sharp slicing nice to cut each cake in half in order to create 4 layers.

Blend butter, brown sugar, and milk in a small sauce pan over medium heat. Stirring occasionally to avoid burning, bring the mix to a rolling boil, making sure that all the sugar granules have dissolved.

Remove from heat, and place in a mixing bowl. Allow the mix to cool for a few minutes, but do not allow hardening.

Beat in the 4X powder sugar until the icing is the consistency to spread. If the icing gets too hard, you may add canned milk to thin.

Next, assemble the cake by pouring a layer of caramel icing between each thin layer of cake, and then icing the entire cake. Place in refrigerator to set.

We think that the caramel cake is best served with Hilton Head Ice Cream Shop’s Caramel flavored ice cream, but a nice quality vanilla ice cream works well, too.


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