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Cupcake Sugar Cookie


9 steps to decorating Blue Flour Bakery’s most popular cookie in your own kitchen

Be creative and have fun – a sugar cookie can be decorated with any color or style!

Step 1
Roll out your favorite sugar cookie dough and cut a cupcake shape. Bake as directed.

Step 2
Choose a royal icing recipe and three icing colors with which you would like to decorate.*

Step 3
Make two batches of your first color of royal icing: one thick batch (to be used for piping) and one thinner batch (to be used for the base coat). Do the same with all three colors.

Step 4
Place the thicker icing in a piping bag with a #2 or #3 round tip.

Step 5
After your cookies are completely cooled, place them on parchment paper or a clean workable surface.

Step 6
At Blue Flour Bakery, we like to start with white icing for the cupcake frosting (the top of the cupcake). Let your offset spatula follow the lines of the cupcake as you apply the thinner batch of icing to the cookie. No need to get too close to the edges -- the icing will do the rest of the work for you.

Step 7
Choose another color for the bottom of the cupcake and put the thinner base coat of icing on the cookie, using the same technique as before. Let the icing dry completely.

Step 8
You will now pipe the thicker icing onto the cookie, bringing the shape to life! At Blue Flour, we like to use our signature swirls on the cupcake frosting, but you can decorate using stripes, polka dots or chevrons! The icing does not have to be white. It can be pink and have a white cupcake wrapper on the bottom, for example. Make it your own style and be creative!

Step 9
Once the decorated sugar cookies are dry, they are ready to be served! Place them on a platter for a party, wrap and tie them with a ribbon to be given as gifts, or as we are all-too-often tempted to do here at Blue Flour Bakery, eat them immediately!

* We found a number of recipes online. Here’s a good one. Hint, thin with a bit of cold water for the top coats.
Williams Sonoma | Royal Icing


Courtesy Blue Flour Bakery | Irmo, SC

My grandmother’s love of sweets inspired me to create the Blue Flour recipes that bring pure happiness to our customers today. Growing up in Syracuse, NY, our family made and shared memories over wonderful food and incredible desserts.

I started my career in the hotel and restaurant business, and have always had a passion for baking. Eventually, I decided to break away from the corporate world and try some of my own creations and recipes my own way.

Today, the result is Blue Flour Bakery where everyone is welcome to unwind and indulge in our delicious desserts and other treats with the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or milk.

Enjoy! Teri