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Grilled Catfish Filets



One filet per person


One of Carolina Classics’ favorite recipe recommendations is for Grilled Catfish Filets.

Simply sprinkle your favorite dry seasoning or rub onto the filets, and grill 4 to 5 minutes per side. (Always cook fish filets "flesh" side down first, and finish on the skin side. The flesh side should become the presentation side when plated.)

Some folks like to put a little olive oil on each side, but really it is not needed, unless you prefer to cook the filet in a medium-hot skillet instead of on a grill.

Hint: we found a great Tequila Lime seasoning from Barons Savoury Secrets. Whole Foods occasionally carries their house brand, and you can find dozens of mail order varieties online.


Catfish has gotten a bad rap and we’re here to polish its image. Farm-raised catfish is a very mild, delicate fish that cooks up white and flaky, but holds up on an open grill without falling apart. We heard about Carolina Classics Catfish and decided to investigate. After all, if Chef Vivian Howard of “A Chef’s Life” buys from them, we should go and do likewise. Simply sprinkle your favorite seasoning and grill away.

About the Company

Rob Mayo started Carolina Classics Catfish in 1985, having grown up around commercial fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Knowing that wild-caught seafood supplies were reaching their limits globally, he believed that aquaculture would fill the growing global demand for seafood. Today, aquaculture accounts for 50% of seafood eaten around the world, and this growth must continue in order to keep from over-fishing wild fisheries.

Their Naturally Raised catfish are fed a grain-based diet and are raised antibiotic-free on family farms in Eastern North Carolina. Today they are proud to supply fine regional restaurants like Chef and the Farmer, as well as great grocery chains like Whole Foods Market.

(They also sell their catfish, along with other regional seafood in season, at their office and plant on Highway 11 in Ayden, SC.)

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