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Purée of Roasted Leek and Sweet Onion Soup



6 starter course servings


3 Leeks, washed well, tougher greens discarded, remaining chopped
3 large Sweet Onions, (e.g. Vidalia), chopped
8 cups Chicken Broth
8 cups Beef Broth
2 T Butter
1 T Sugar
1 T Kosher Salt
1 t dried Thyme
1/4 cup dry Sherry
1/2 cup dry Vermouth or White Wine
2 dried Bay Leaves
Kosher Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper to taste
Baguette, sliced and toasted
Gruyere or White Cheddar (Holland Gouda Goat cheese shown), sliced and warm


Roast leeks, onion, salt, sugar, and butter in a greased roasting pan at 425 degrees for one hour (stirring occasionally)- or- sauté on stove top, stirring often, until onions are brown and caramelized.

Place all ingredients in a large pot. Simmer and reduce liquid for thirty minutes or more.

Puree soup with an immersion blender.

Ladle soup and top with toasted baguette slices topped with melted cheese. Garnish with freshly cracked pepper.


Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Kim Byer

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