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Today, when you announce retirement, many friends ask,
“What you are retiring to do?”

That’s because closing one career door often means creating the time to open a door more focused on volunteer work, a long-desired entrepreneurial venture, investments in personal health, or sports, or learning a new skill via lifelong learning at nearby colleges. So many ways to switch gears. Start here. Begin now. May we help? Scroll down and learn more! ⏬

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Your grandparents wouldn’t recognize today’s retirement culture – and aren’t we the lucky ones?  First, educate yourself with a quick look at retirement trends and choices– you don’t have to follow the crowd, but knowing what others are exploring helps.

What about buying land or purchasing real estate now for the next stage in life?  Good deals are plentiful in the Carolinas.

Love your sprawling Colonial but want to downsize?  What about a complete change of pace into a condominium? Others have made the shift and are loving their lock-it-and-leave-it-lifestyle and on-site amenities.

Or, find your Second Home Bliss?  Nothing wrong with mixing up your geography, now that your nest is empty and working from home commonplace.

Do consider what makes you happy.  Golf courses nearby? The Carolinas are rich with them. Pick up the golf clubs and schedule the local pro for some lessons. Time to take up yoga for health and longevity?  Our Directories for NC Yoga and SC Yoga show how popular it is. And gardening.  You’ll be amazed at our growing season.  We’ve got flower power.  Make your garden a thing of year round beauty starting with our Carolina Grown series – exotic and familiar plants that flourish here.

Finally, take a look at taxes.  Our bite isn’t bad at all.  You should find yourself saving more than a few dollars every year.

Above all, retiring offers time - precious time - to be with family and friends. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Let’s get started.