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Retirement Trends - The Cliffs

The Cliffs
Walking is tops on’s reader list of favorite activities. No wonder. A stroll in hills like this one at The Cliffs feeds your soul and your body, and makes Lassie very happy.
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Baby Boomer or Generation Jones (born between 1954 and 1965), there are trends afoot to help us navigate the approach to retirement.

Here are several to explore:


OK, maybe social networking isn’t your thing, but for millions of men and women of a certain age, it offers a way to connect with peers who have little in common with the chatter on boards in tune with younger members. A few to consider include:


  • ThirdAge Health + wellness for women of all ages & their families. Health + lifestyle articles and blogs, recipes, videos, health condition centers & more.
  • AARP Forums and discussions you’ll enjoy. What is the most romantic movie of all time?
  • Facebook (For many, a cup of coffee and a bit of time on Facebook starts the day.)
  • YouTube (some of it is embarrassing, and some of it is magnificent. Worth the time to browse for videos like Som Sabadell Flashmob and Il Divo singing Amazing Grace at the arena in Pula, Italy.)


If you’re thinking of taking Mom or Dad into retirement, you’ve got company. More and more, realtors are meeting retirees with parents. Takes the mother-in-law suite to a whole new level. Others are opting to live together under one roof, sharing duties and responsibilities as they did 50 years earlier. Read more about assisted living options.


Senior Corps connects today’s over 55s with the people and organizations that need them most, helping them become mentors, coaches or companions to people in need, or contribute job skills and expertise to community projects and organizations.


Throughout the Carolinas, you’ll find most colleges and universities have active lifelong learning programs. Learn Italian for an upcoming travel adventure, or decipher the intricacies of your new computer. There are even classes to help you learn what it means to be “Southern.”

Check out a list of our favorite college towns.


The program now called Exploritas has a number of programs offered for 55+ in South Carolina and North Carolina. For Elderhostel information, visit Exploritas.

Indeed, learning is a lifelong process in these states, with centers for creative retirement, distance learning projects and programs in recreation centers and community centers.

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