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Traveling - Furniture Buying Tips

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The Carolinas are famous for well-crafted furniture, often sold at competitive prices. So, if you're in the market for the finest furniture sold on the east coast, you're headed for the right place.

Planning for your shopping trip is essential. Many of the stores are in close proximity to one another. So, you may not have to drive far to find another store filled with treasures.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for Furniture Buying Success:

1. Plan ahead. Know your furniture needs. Make a list of the pieces and sizes you plan to buy. If you have a color scheme, bring fabric, paint swatches along with room dimensions. If possible, bring your decorator!

2. Be an educated shopper. Ask questions about the reputation of dealers and manufacturers. Shopping with an experienced sales person makes a big difference. Insist the business is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Chamber.

3. Consider payment terms. Not everyone accepts credit cards.

4. Comparison shop, remembering that selection, price, quality and service are all important factors.

5. Consider comfort. Furniture should be comfortable, so sit on it! Are coils centered in the seat area? Check edges for support. Padding should be firm, not lumpy.

6. Examine the finish. Trust your senses, touch and look carefully. Is the piece smooth and does it flow? Are grains and patterns matched? Are glass tops thick and fitted perfectly?

7. Check construction. Is the pattern centered and does it match top-to-bottom and side-to-side? Are seams reasonably straight? Don't hesitate to rock a table back and forth. Sit in a chair to assure it is sturdy. Do drawers open smoothly?

8. Always consider your lifestyle when selecting upholstered items. Ask the sales person for advice. Do you have young children or pets? Cotton, vinyl or leather work well in a family room. Silk, velvet and satin work best for adult-only families. Is the fabric stain resistant? Evaluate seating options: down fill, eight-way hand-tied springs, foam?

9. Once purchased, get cleaning instructions.

10. Get a commitment on delivery date. Expect a minimum of six weeks for special orders. Custom orders can take four months or longer. On arrival, inspect each piece while the delivery person is still in your home.

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